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  • "...thanks again for such a wonderful weekend. Your hospitality, the beauty of the area, and of course the amazing food made for a great time...I will be back and will certainly be letting my friends know of the extraordinary Greg and Pat who make all feel welcome."

  • - Sandra Hodge

  • "We had such a delightful weekend 'calling moose'!  A highlight was our stay with you all, enjoying your wonderful inn.  We look forward to a return visit!"

  • - Cynthia and Bill Burmeister

  • "You guys sure know how to show people a good time.  I'm sure I'll be back!"

  • - Sue Burnell

  • "This was certainly a most memorable trip.  Your hospitality and skills are wonderful."

  • - Mike Kosiba

  • "Great skiing!  Great company!  Great food!  Great guide!"

  • - Norma Rae Friedman

  • "Thank you guys so much!  I really appreciate you making me feel so at home."

  • - Darrel Larrabee

  • "If I could have my way, I’d welcome all the Maine springs I have left to me at Claybrook Lodge, encouraging the spotted salamanders and calling in the barred owls, this, of course, in the company of my favorite Birdman, old and new birding friends, all of us nurtured physically and spiritedly by Pat and Greg."

  • - Elizabeth Davidson

  • "The “Claybrook Mountain Lodge Birding Weekend” tour is one of my favorite outings that we offer. (Click here to read Derek's Blog about his weekend at Claybrook Mountain Lodge.)"

  • - Derek Lovitch, Freeport Wild Bird Supply

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