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January, 2016

Here we are in 2016 and climate change continues to challenge us with unexpected weather conditions. January has stayed warm with only an occasional cold snap and as much rain as snow. It doesn’t look good for winter sports, but a winter with little snow is good for our deer population. I don’t know what it will do to the tick population, but if they thrive on this, moose will suffer again.

We had no reservations until late January when Josephine Power and friends came to celebrate her birthday. We had just enough snow to be able to go out and use the trails, and they all enjoyed themselves. I suspect that they would have had a good time under any circumstances. The Ness family came next and it was the same. They had just enough snow to be able to go out on skis or snowshoes. The snowmobile trails were groomed enough to use. One of the advantages was that they had trails pretty much to themselves.

With the amount of business we had reservations for, Pat and I decided we would need help and we found a neighbor who was willing to come in once a week and clean for us. Cathy Horne came in late January, and we wondered how we ever made it without her. She did excellent work and was a pleasure to have around. She and her husband Dick retired and built a home in Lexington. We are fortunate to have them as neighbors.

“Big George” has come in for his winter feeding acting as if he owns the place. He is as tame as he ever was and checks for grain several times a day. He has become a bit demanding; he stands by the chicken house and stares at the house until I feel sorry for him and give him a second or even a third helping. With “Twiggy” gone I wondered if any of the other deer would be interested in her shelter. Several of them were interested when she was using it, but she would not tolerate any others in her house. I put grain in the house, and in no time most of our group would go in. Sometimes there would be three or four at a time, but even though I put nice dry straw in it, none of them would bed in it. I suppose that none of them are having trouble keeping warm and don’t feel the need for shelter.

I am hoping to start logging on Dan Bell’s woodlot again, but I need to have some serious cold in order to freeze roads. So far I am not having much luck with that. If all goes well February will be the busiest month that we have ever had at Claybrook.

                                        “Gang Warily”,
                                               Greg & Pat

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